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MY VERY COOL FRIEND EXCALIBUR-PIE DREW MY DOG FOR MEEEE u should ttly check her art tumblr out (jessigoingtodraw)

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EXTRA! The About Character page is updated!More will be added as new characters appear :)

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Reblog this if it’s OK if I do drawings of your Character and send them to you. 


Sometimes I feel like drawing, but I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable if it’s not your cup of tea.




seriously this is a scene I’ve been looking forward to and it’s fighting me so hard ;n;

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And now for your regularly scheduled Shade and Color Practice!

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I’m back at college now! Thank you to those of you who commissioned me to help me afford school supplies :) I’m going to be very productive this year, so I don’t plan on slowing down this blog!

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I wanted to wait until I had more doodles to post these, but I don’t have a lot of drawing time rn - ANYWAY rakatakat's kh posts are so inspiring ;u;

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Hello, I was wondering if you do oc requests?


I’m going to have to say no, and here’s why:

This is kind of a slippery-slope - please understand, anon. I don’t want to say “yes” and get floods of “please draw my OC” asks. I know that can get out of hand, it’s happened before.

I totally understand wanting someone to darw your OC! I get happy just thinking of someone drawing my OCs! So here’s a proposition - consider an art trade or commission, if you want me to draw your OCs.

Thank you for your question - I’ll add it to my about page :)

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Do you draw pictures of like two different actors together, likes even if they're never together in anything? If I name two celebs together could you draw them romantically?


(I realized I rambled a bit. Short answer: no, sorry )

There’s no guarantee that I’ll draw any given prompt. I pick and choose prompts that interest me, since they are free and, I feel, very generous.

I don’t really like drawing celeb ships. It makes me uncomfortable. It’s no judgement on celeb ships, just my own feelings.

As for “romantically” there’s a limit to what I’m comfortable with. Nothing nsfw. I mostly do kissing or cuddling??

Sorry, but please respect my answer, anon.

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I know almost nothing about American Horror Story so sorry eue”

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